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Tatenokawa Komyo Yamada Nishiki

English name: Zenith Yamada Nishiki


Type: Sake

Prefecture: Yamagata

Rice: Yamadanishiki

Polishing Ratio: Down to 1% of the original grain size 

Sake Meter Value: -2 (Towards Sweetness)

Alcohol By Volume: 15%

Volume: 720ml

Remarks: Comes in a box together with a premium carrier bag


In the history of sake, no brewery had ever achieved a rice polishing of 1% before.


King of Sake Rice’: 100%, Hyogo-grown Yamada Nishiki.


A world first in sake making, released in 2018, Zenith from Tatenokawa is a brew that has been made with rice polished to a rate of just 1%. The result is a supremely clean & fresh sake with a delicate balance of fresh fruit & floral character.

*** Controlled & limited quantity: do check with us for availability before making purchase or if you wish to purchase more quantities than stated.

Tatenokawa Komyo Yamada Nishiki - Sake

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