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Tatenokawa Komyo

English name: Zenith


Type: Sake

Prefecture: Yamagata

Rice: Dewasansan

Polishing Ratio: Down to 1% of the original grain size 

Sake Meter Value: -2 (Towards Sweetness)

Alcohol By Volume: 15%

Volume: 720ml

Remarks: Comes in a box together with a premium carrier bag


In the history of sake, no brewery has ever been able to polish rice down to 1% before. Some people might say, "Do we really need to do this?"


The answer of the 6th generation brewer, Jumpei Sato is “Only the brewery which took on this challenge can understand."


Only a brewery which had made the sake with a 1% rice polish ratio, could see the undiscovered world.


"Komyo", no other endeavor other than this one could open the door to this new frontier and bring rays of hopes to the "future of the world of sake".


Thanks to the ultimate transparency of the sake, it is clear that this sake comes from a completely different world of sake, and will develop a new frontier of sake.

*** Controlled & limited quantity: do check with us for availability before making purchase or if you wish to purchase more quantities than stated.

Tatenokawa Komyo - Sake

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