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Musubiyui Junmai Daiginjo



Type: Sake

Prefecture: Ibayaki

Rice: Akaiwa Omachi 

Polishing Ratio: Down to 38% of the original grain size 

Sake Meter Value: Neutral

Alcohol By Volume: 15%

Volume: 720ml

Remarks: Does not come with a box


Sake rice is grown in Okayama prefecture -  a 100% first class Akaiwa Omachi rice which is then transported to Yuki brewery in Ibayaki prefecture to be used for the production of this premium Junmai daiginjo.


Sake taste smooth, luxurious aroma with nose of Fuji apples, trails of light peach scent, honeydew & bits of light walnuts & yet well rounded. Best to enjoy drinking it on it's own in wine glass.

Musubiyui Junmai Daiginjou - Sake

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