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Dassai 23 Centrifuge Junmai Daiginjo


Type: Sake

Prefecture: Yamaguchi 

Rice: Yamadanishiki 

Polishing Ratio: Down to 23% of the original grain size

Sake Meter Value: Undisclosed

Alcohol By Volume: 16%

Volume: 720ml


This sake is made by blending pressed sake and sake extracted using the centrifuge technique, where no pressure is applied.

It combines the beauty of centrifugation - where its of the upmost quality - with the punchy character of the normal pressing method to create a refined, flamboyant, delicate, thick and complex craft.

Dassai 23 Centrifuge Junmai Daiginjo - Sake

  • All deliveries will take place between 1 and 8pm. For any orders placed before 5.30pm, it will be delivered within the next 2 business days upon order.


    Orders placed after 5.30pm will only be fulfilled the next business day; your sake will be delivered within the next 3 business days instead.


    Our delivery heros do not provide deliveries on Sundays as they need to fight some monsters in other areas.

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