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Bijofu Junmai Daiginjo Hina


Type: Sake

Prefecture: Kouchi

Rice: Yamada Nishiki

Polishing Ratio: Down to 45% of the original grain size

Sake Meter Value: +3 (Towards Dryness)

Alcohol By Volume: 15%

Volume: 720ml

Remarks: Does not come with a box


Best quality sake rice "Yamadanishiki" grown from the town of Tojo cho, Hyogo Prefecture. It was 45% polished to obtain the Daiginjou Category.


Well balanced character. The flavor offers an excellent balanced of sweetness, acidity, richness and bitterness. A very pleseant, focused, rich finish with touches of nutty, chestnut scents in the background.


A well rounded type of sake that one will keep on drinking.

Bijofu Junmai Daiginjo Hina - Sake

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