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Azumarikishi Daiginjo Shizuku

東力士  大吟醸 雫


Type: Sake

Prefecture: Tochigi

Rice: Yamadanishiki

Polishing Ratio: Down to 40% of the original grain size 

Sake Meter Value: +5 (Towards Dryness)

AlcoholBy Volume: 17%

Volume: 720ml

Remarks: Does not come with a box


A Daiginjo sake produced by 'dripped from cloth bags' method & bottled with utmost care by its brewery, & it is stored and aged at low temperature.


The fruity aroma is a reminiscent of freshly picked peaches. This sake taste robust & crisp dry & yet comes with an elegant finish.

Azumarikishi Daiginjo Shizuku - Sake

$111.34 Regular Price
$111.21Sale Price
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